Cleaning - It’s What We Do Best!

We’re the choice housekeepers in Bellingham, WA. That’s why we’re called Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning! Hire us, and you’ll get so much more than meets the eye. When it comes to delivering a beautiful, sparkling, and clean home to you, we don’t take the easy route (what would be the fun in that?).

Your home houses your treasures… your heirlooms, your antiques, your art… and we take great care to both respect and protect the things that are most important to you. Always. We’re the trustworthy house cleaners locals come back to time and time again.

Our cleaning always focuses on quality: we move objects to clean underneath, wipe down what our vacuums can’t reach, lift rugs, and we’ll even clean the ducts if you need us to! Our focus is always on one thing: you. We want you 110% happy.

After all, this is your home. This is your haven. It’s our job here at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning to make sure your house is not just clean, but comfortable. We want you to walk in, take a deep breath, and smile — that’s the effect we’ve had on our clients for years, and we’re sure we can give you the same wonderful experience​.
Let’s talk a little bit about just how we’re going to do that. Our maids specialize in just three things…

Bellingham’s Best ​House Cleaning

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A Day in the Life of a Housekeeper...

Of course, we customize our cleaning to your home, your tastes, and your needs. Simply ask, and we’ll deliver. Many clients prefer we make the bed, while others don’t. Some want us to clean the windows, while others prefer we wait for the rainy season to end. Though we have a very thorough approach to our cleaning, we’re happy to adjust it however you see fit. You have but to ask, and we shall deliver! 

To give you an idea of our process, let’s dive a bit deeper and walk you through a few of our favorite rooms to clean.

Let’s start with the kitchen. Whether you’re in an apartment or a house, your kitchen is likely the most active room in your home. It gets stains on the counter, the oven starts to smoke if it’s not cleaned regularly, there’s a weird globby stain in the refrigerator that you can’t recognize… all this is a recipe for frowns and a few shivers as you make dinner.

Can’t have that! We cleaning ladies have you covered.

First, we’ll put away all dishes and go through any piled in the sink. We’ll start the dishwasher and hand wash either any that didn’t fit or any that can’t go into the dishwasher, like those precious cast iron skillets. Next comes the oven – we’ll clean it out and, if necessary, put in the elbow grease to make sure it’s spotless, with no accumulated soot or residue. We wipe down all of the stainless steel to get it bright, shiny, and beautiful again (no fingerprints here, thanks!) And next, that pesky fridge! We’ll wipe it down and, if you need us to, clean it out of expired items. Next comes the floors — swept, mopped and sparkling!

We’ll move through your house room by room, polishing the wood, sweeping hardwood floors, vacuuming carpet, dusting surfaces, putting things back where they belong (for instance, we’ll fish that remote out of the couch for you and put it in the remote basket). Room by room, bit by bit, we’ll sort through every nook and cranny. We especially specialize in cleaning those hard-to-reach spots and the hidden crannies most folks would never think to look at. Yep — we get it all.

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House cleaning means we can tackle your entire home, from top to bottom, no matter how many floors you have. Stairs vacuumed? Done. Beds made? Absolutely. Baseboard washed? Say no more. 

Every inch of your house will be spotless by the time we’re done… even those less-obvious places most folks don’t think to check. We do, and we’ll clean those, too.

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Apartment cleaning means that, no matter how large or small your apartment may be, we’ll polish every inch. Rental or not, it’s still your home, after all! Let’s get it spruced up, cleaned, and sparkling. 

Imagine walking into your kitchen to find all the dishes put away, or stepping into the living room to find everything exactly where you like it. You deserve that, don’t you?

Upholstery cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning out stains, though we can handle that. This is about maintenance, about taking care of your couches, chairs, and curtains so that they last as long as possible. 

We build maintenance into our regular regime to ensure that your furniture is well cared for, always. Regularly vacuuming your upholstery keeps it like new.

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And of course, we take our lead from you. If you prefer specific products be used, we’re happy to oblige. You have but to ask, and we’ll make it happen! Do you prefer eco-friendly products? Done. Are you a green household, who prefers green cleaning products when their maids scrub down the tubs? Not a problem. We can either provide our tools (our cleaning materials, our vacuums, and our mops), or we can use whatever you’d prefer us using. In fact, many of our clients prefer we use their vacuums and mops for peace of mind, and we’re happy to oblige. 

Now, let’s continue our hypothetical tour of your house as we clean room to room…

Let’s go from the kitchen and dining room into the living room. We polish all the wood, lift every rug and sweep underneath, and dust every shelf. We’re careful to gently lift objects as we pass them, since we don’t cut corners. Naturally, we always use the utmost care when navigate your heirlooms and treasures!

TV dusted? Check. Remotes stowed away where they belong? Check. Sofa cushions adjusted and pillows fluffed? Check.

We go through the whole room, tweaking and polishing, dusting and putting away, doing everything it takes to make sure you come home to a fresh, clean, and sparkling home. We want you feeling safe, cozy, and comfortable! Heck, we’ll even clean every window in your house, inside and out, if you need us to.

If you have any hardwood or tile floors, we’ll mop as we leave. If you have carpet, we’ll vacuum every inch and we’ll also get under sofas, too.

Next comes the bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. Every inch of floor will be swept, vacuumed, wiped, and if needed, mopped. We wash the baseboards, wipe down and dust picture frames, wipe every inch of mirror glass, and polish railings. We fold pants, tuck fresh laundry away where it belongs, hang new towels, scrub toilets, wipe down the tubs, polish the stainless steel fixtures in your shower, and get rid of that strange stain on the sink counter (it’s okay, we’ve all had one of those before!)

Your home is your haven. Doesn’t it deserve to be spotless? Let us handle it for you!

But What About Apartment Cleaning Services?

Maybe you need us to clean your apartment before you move out, and we’re happy to help. But on your way to your next place, why not bring us along? Besides, the better care you take of your apartment, the better your odds of getting your deposit back! 

That’s where we come in.

What to do when you want your apartment cleaned, but just don’t have the energy to do it yourself? Never fear, we have you covered. You may be renting an apartment, but it is still your beautiful home and deserves to get some good old-fashioned TLC!

We’ll go from room to room, covering every base: we’ll vacuum every carpet, sweep and mop both the kitchen and the bathrooms, and wipe down your baseboards. Next comes the bedroom: we’ll make the bed, fluff your pillows, and dust every surface. Need the laundry done? No problem! We’ll start it once we get there so we can get through all the loads by the time we leave. We’ll even fold it, hang it, and put it away for you. That’s the point, right? You’re supposed to feel pampered, and we’re the cleaning ladies for the job.

Your kitchen has seen tenants before you, but we’ll make it look like new. We’ll clean out that old oven and make it sparkle. That fridge? Consider it cleaned! We’ll scrub every shelf, taking them out to wash them, and making sure they’re dry before they go back in. The counters, the floors, and even the cupboards… consider it done, scrubbed, and wiped down.

Last but not least, those bathrooms! We’ll give every bit of your bathroom the elbow grease and TLC it takes to give it a fresh start. The sink, the shower, the tub… we’ll scrub everything, bleach it (if you’d like us to), and make it shine.

By the time we’re done, you’ll feel like you’re living in a penthouse. That’s our goal, ever time. Just imagine the doorman and receptionist 😉

The best part is we can move through your apartment quickly, so it won’t be nearly as costly as you think! Give us a call today, and let’s get you a free quote. After all, you have nothing to lose… and a whole lot of peace of mind to gain!