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Residential or office cleaning isn’t just wiping the surface and making the area look nifty clean. To be honest, you’re barely touching the surface. True cleaning goes beyond what meets the eye. If you want to be certain that your home or your office space is thoroughly cleaned, away from harmful viruses and bacteria and has that fresh and clean scent, then hiring professional and experienced janitorial service is the next logical move to make. 

But mind you, residential cleaning and commercial cleaning are two different things. Both have their specific area of discipline like for instance, residential cleaners can have 3 subcategories being domestic cleaning, freelance cleaners, and maid services whereas, in commercial cleaning, they focus on anything the industry requires them for such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, cubicle cleaning, trash pickup and more. You are going to know more of these services as we progress to the later part of this article.

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What these service providers do is make sure that every nook and corner of any place they are working on receives an in-depth cleaning. If you are among the many people who think that what these people do are dusting the windows, wiping surfaces, mopping and polishing floors, then my friend, you got a totally different notion of what commercial office cleaning services are.

I encourage you to read further on the following sections of this article to have an idea of the varying types of commercial cleaning services.

A Friendly Reminder

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One important thing to ensure that you are getting everything you need in regards to cleaning is to work with a trusted and established company such as Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning. We are the cleaners that have put dedication and commitment into our craft so you can always ensure that you’re getting the best results. As known and reputable cleaners, we offer many cleaning services under one roof. This is extremely beneficial as you don’t have to get back and forth between multiple commercial office cleaning services or residential cleaning services to ask for available services, prices, and other information. 

Working with the pros guarantees that you are getting the best deals for your hard earned money. Our reputation is important to us because we know you want to work with the best.

We are focused on delivering quality cleanliness, and YES, we move objects to clean what’s underneath, wipe what vacuums can’t reach, lift carpets and even clean ducts if we have to. After all, our main goal is to meet 100% customer satisfaction. 

At the end of the day, it is your office or your home. It’s where you work and your safe haven. Seeing it spick and span is enough to ease your stress and enjoy a comfortable ambiance.

4 Frequently Used Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

As mentioned before, there are multiple areas of cleaning that Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning and other cleaning companies can do. Stick with us as we are about to discuss that topic in the next few lines.

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Janitorial Service – with this service, you can now bid your goodbyes to the mold growing in the fridge. Dirty dishes, leftover foods, forgotten lunches are now a thing of the past. No more employee arguing who has to clean since everything is all taken care of. Now think of how this type of office cleaning can increase the level of productivity and efficiency your employees and the business as a whole can have.

Cubicle Cleaning – if your workspace needs an update or simply likes to give it a refreshing look, then you should not hesitate to call the best cleaners in the industry. There are many companies who thought that they have to replace their furniture simply because it looks dirty and unsightly but all it needs is a little touch-up and it’s good as new. Most likely, everyone is busy in their own job designation and therefore, using cubicle cleaning can free up valuable time that can be used instead on the core aspects of your business rather than cleaning litters and organizing stuff in the office.

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​​Carpet cleaning – carpets bring a distinctive atmosphere to any place it is put on. If on a house, it makes the area look more appealing and if used in a commercial space like an office, it generates a welcoming ambiance and creates a positive and lasting first impression amongst clients. It is exactly the reason why getting carpet cleaning done regulary is promoted by pro cleaners in the industry. But you don’t just hire carpet cleaning service. You need to do your homework as well in ensuring that the company is the best in the field.

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​Internal window cleaning – clean windows from the inside isn’t just for aesthetics. Believe it or not, it helps homeowners and office spaces conserve electricity as well. This is by allowing more sunlight to come through the premises and thus, reducing the need for bright lights. Enlisting professional cleaner’s services can be beneficial too in a way that they provide valuable insights and spot potential problems like cracks, abrasions or small leaks. If these issues were left alone, it could cost homeowners or offices more down the road. In this regard, you may consider internal window cleaning as a form of investment since it will allow you to keep your windows in tip-top condition rather than having to replace them.

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​These are only among the many building cleaning services you can use to preserve the cleanliness and tidiness in your space. There are several services that can be chosen of course including but not limited to stain removal, trash pickup, and more.

The Fun and Stress of Being a Janitor

​Contrary to popular belief, we are happy with what we do. We know what we signed up for and as said before, we are pleased to do the dirty work on your behalf and make life easier for people in the building. Regardless if cubicles have to be cleaned out, carpets vacuumed and cleaned, or break room cleaned out or all the mentioned, rest assure that we can do all of it. 

It’s true that cleaning is physically demanding and time-consuming at times, but it can also be rewarding to complete a job beyond satisfaction. So when you see us across the hallway, around the corner or anywhere else in the office, you can be sure we’ll become a friendly face and a cheerful addition to your office environment.

Get Your Office Cleaned w/o Spending an Entire Day

​Some companies tend to assign the cleaning tasks to their employees. This is in an effort to cut cost on cleaning and maximize on an employee’s efforts. While there’s nothing wrong with this practice, it significantly affects their productivity. Just picture this: instead of completing the tasks assigned, they have to allow time in working their way around to ensure that the area is spotless and clean. If you run a medical office, a dental facility, or a salon, enlisting janitorial service in maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your area is always a smart decision.

When performing our job, we  see to it that it’s done correctly on the first run. We do this by working around the client’s schedule and offering custom services. What this means is that you as a client can set a time for us to come to empty the trash, clean the toilets, scrub the floor and so forth. This preserves efficiency amongst your staff, and effectiveness in their work, allowing them to put all their attention, focus and energy on anything that they do.

In relation to commercial residential cleaning services, you can always depend on seasoned janitorial service. It doesn’t matter if you seek an early bird or late-night cleaner to make your office space sparkle before anyone gets in or after everyone is through with their shift, Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning has you covered.

7 Aspects to Look for in a Reputable Janitorial Service Company

​These days, there are innumerable office cleaning companies that can be hired to get the job done. While this is good news to hear, this can spell confusion to interested individuals at the same time. If you do not make your decision carefully, then for sure, you will likely regret the decision of hiring such service provider. 

There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration to ensure that the offered commercial cleaning services price list is fair and follows industry guidelines.

Number 1. Track record – before you decide on any commercial cleaners to hire, it is imperative to have a look at their track record. It’s wise to get references from the company in question and ask their personal experience working with them. This will give you an idea of what to expect from their service once you hire them.

Number 2. Customization – this is an aspect any janitorial service company should never miss. The company must present you tailored cleaning programs that fit your specific requirements. As mentioned earlier, you may want the cleaning service after business hours or before anyone arrives at their post. After all, being presented with a customized service is such a wonderful thing to have.

Number 3. Range of services – company requirements are unique from one to the other. Some might need cleaning on a day to day basis while others need in-depth cleaning at least once per month. From power washing, hard cleaning of floors, interior window cleaning, doing floor coatings, upholstery and carpet cleaning, etc. these are only a few of the varying cleaning requirements of different companies. As you see, there are countless types of commercial cleaning services offered nowadays to be able to accommodate the distinctive needs of customers.

Number 4. Well equipped – you wouldn’t want to go into battle without the right gear and equipment. The same thing applies to janitorial services, you wouldn’t want to hire those who lack the appropriate tools and skills to carry out their job.

Number 5. Cost structure – one takeaway that you’re talking to an esteemed cleaning company is when they evaluate your office’s cleaning needs and outlines the cost of services involved. On the other hand, you should stay away from those who give general pricing structure for their cleaning quotes. Most likely, there are hidden charges at the end of service. So this is considered a red flag.

Number 6. Insurance – while insurance almost instantly increases the cost of office cleaning services prices, this can give you peace of mind. Like in any other field of work, it’s inevitable to bump to some accidents or damages while at work, which is why insurance can serve as peace of mind for you if the janitorial service provider makes such a mistake. Their insurance will take over in the event that their staff become injured as a result of slip-and-fall, accidentally damaged equipment or appliance in your premises and any unforeseen circumstance.

Number 7. Experience – it is totally fine to work with a newcomer in the industry. Just keep in mind, they might look good on paper but still, nothing can beat the experience accumulated by the company from servicing multiple clients in the past. Obviously, the longer they’ve been as a cleaner, the better the performance you can expect from them.

This is applicable whether you are searching for a residential cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning services and any other cleaning needs you may require. You can use this as a template whenever you are hiring a cleaning service.

Essential Areas Janitorial Service Is Needed the Most

Do you have elevators that can use some scrubbing, floors that must shine, a lobby that requires a bit of attention, cubicles that need TLC? Office cleaning is the need of the hour. By partnering with Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning, you will not need to worry about anything in relation to upholding the neatness and organization of your office. Custodians working for these companies have a keen eye for dust and dirt, amassed the experience and knowledge to deliver reliable and consistent cleaning and developed the expertise to ensure that their job is done wonderfully at first try.​

Benefits of a Clean and Neat Environment

You might feel that professional cleaning brings little value to your company. But in reality, the impact it creates is beyond what you expect. We’ve been talking about the benefits of hiring the best cleaners, and now it’s time to cast some light on the benefits they can bring to the table.

  • ​Improve the image of the company professionally – a tidy and clean place will never fail to leave a good first impression amongst those who would see it. Regardless if it is your home or office or the building where you are staying, you will always have some visitors and the neatness of your space is critical to have a clean and nice impression on investors, customers and friends. Commercial cleaning companies exert the effort in creating a clean and positive image of your office and building by perfectly maintaining its condition using latest cleaning techniques and tools.

  • Extra services and exclusive discounts – if you opt to hire a professional cleaner, you can reap the benefits of getting access to their complimentary services. This is something that multiple office cleaning companies are offering for interested clients. For example, if you hire them to perform building maintenance, they might offer complimentary services such as organizing your merchandise, cleaning the garden of rubbish and anything that can maximize the service that is about to be done. Furthermore, enlisting them to take on cleaning tasks at regular intervals, you may be offered with discounts exclusive to loyal clients.

  • Cleaning boosts productivity – let’s face the fact that the spare amount of time that your employees spent on picking up the litters, doing small chore cleaning and such in your office, accumulates to hours of unproductive work. This is something that no business would want to see. Why would you compromise the level of productivity that your workforce can do if it can be done by a professional office cleaning expert? This will then enable your staff to focus on their work and finish what has to be done on time. What’s more, a clean office reduces the stress felt at work and eliminates chances of diseases and viruses to spread.

  • ​Reduces overall cost – many would disagree with this and say that it is counterproductive as hiring the pros will require them to fork out cash. That is true and there’s no reason to deny it. But the point of reducing your costs lie on the fact that maintenance and cleaning services will take good care of all the furnishings, fixtures and overall spaces. This is while ensuring that they are in mint condition. Because of this, all issues are addressed ahead of time and therefore, drastically prevent accidents or major losses within the company. Building cleaning services are there to address all issues while making sure that you enjoy all the convenience and comfort of their service.

The Consequences of a Poorly Maintained Office Space

On top of these benefits, a clean office has a massive impact on the morale of your employees. After all, no one wants to see dishes piling up, bags of trash along the hallway, grime on the powder room, let alone work in this kind of environment. If you ask your staff to deal with this or worst, didn’t care to take action, their morale will plummet. Sooner or later, not just you are worrying about having your office cleaned but also, more and more of your employees will send their resignation. Fortunately, you can easily prevent employee turnover by investing a small sum of your funds in a clean and organized building by hiring commercial office cleaning services. 

​Commercial Office Cleaners aren’t Just for Offices

But don’t think that office cleaners are able to work and clean on office spaces only. They are actually hired in several fields of works as well. To give you an example, dental practitioners may hire office cleaners or commercial cleaners to perform cleaning on their facility, maintain the cleanliness in their equipment, preserve the sterility of the area; in a salon, they can be called for removing hairs that scattered around the shop, use safe and eco-friendly chemicals to clean the windows and so on.

Quick Rundown

Just a short review of everything we have discussed. Professional office cleaner’s services are crucial if you sought-after a spotless and well-organized area. They can be contacted for doing varieties of cleaning services ranging from office cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and a lot more. Their experience and skills made it easy for them to perform cleaning in a short period of time without compromising on quality while hitting customer’s expectations and keeping them satisfied. If you’re still doubtful of their capabilities, then you might as well want to read again the benefits and value they can bring to you personally and to the business you are managing.

Time to Hire the Pros

Time and time again, professional office cleaners have proved their worth and value to people. More often than not, they are hired to vacuum, maintain and clean offices of local businesses for the sole purpose of hitting their customer’s expectations. These types of service providers have accumulated adequate number of reviews which back up their claims and ensure to deliver a truly outstanding service. 

With Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning, our goal is to thrill clients with our professionalism, quality, timeliness and reliability. This is without a doubt a true sign of an experienced and reputable janitorial service, which is what we always strive to be.

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