How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

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How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

If you’re wondering how often an office should be cleaned, you’ve found the right post. Thoroughly cleaning an office on a regular basis is the ticket to maintaining a healthy workspace. The space should remain pleasant for those working inside it, and for visitors. It will also reduce the potential for viruses to spread around. But the job that goes into keeping the office clean shouldn’t be underestimated. Doing minor cleaning and scheduling larger cleaning jobs is a tough task. This depends on how busy the office gets during certain times of the year. Let’s get into what this entails. 

Creating a Good Schedule for Cleaning

There’s no “one size fits all” cleaning schedule for an office. How often cleaning should be done depends on its size and how busy it is. The square footage of the office space must be considered. The same applies to when the office is in business. Very few employees, if any, should be inside during cleaning. The time of year should also be considered. It’s best to do these kinds of cleanings during the spring and fall seasons.

Scheduling cleaning isn’t too difficult for an office only open a few days a week. For offices open for business more frequently, this is more difficult. Carefully plan the schedule before going about cleaning.

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The Number of People in the Office

The number of people in the office each day will help determine how often it should be cleaned. The highest number of people who will reside in the office each day are workers. But how often clients and visitors come to the office is another factor. If you own a small business with only a few staffers, cleaning it once a week will suffice. But many offices are medium-sized with around 10 or 20 staffers. In this case, the office should be cleaned two to three times a week.

This only applies to the main office space. There might also be kitchens and bathrooms adjacent to the office. These should be cleaned at the end of every workday regardless of the staff number.

The Size of the Office

Larger offices in terms of their square footage and people will need more frequent cleaning. The larger offices are made to house more people. The higher the number of people, the more cleaning will be necessary to maintain its pristine shape. But this also depends on how the office is made.

Consider an office with a carpeted floor of any size. Offices with carpets need cleaning more often than those which don’t have them. Dirt, dust, and germs will stick to carpeted floors the most. The higher the number of staff members, clients, and visitors, the faster the carpet will get dirty. A commercial office cleaning will be necessary in this case.


What the Business Does

The frequency of cleaning also depends on what type of business it is. A restaurant space will need to be cleaned daily for health and safety purposes. The same goes for a school or daycare, where kids are involved. For others, it depends on the specific space being discussed. Offices that don’t hold much staff or see many visitors will need less cleaning. Public spaces near the office, like the bathroom or reception areas, will need more frequent cleaning.

Deep Cleaning for a Better Working Environment

Deeper cleaning is a more intensive measure. This requires the aid of a cleaning service with proper cleaning equipment. The staff hired will be responsible for cleaning floors and tiles. They’ll have to sanitize the surfaces and clean the upholstery. These are cleaned with special tools. Deep cleaning is crucial for the health and safety of employees involved. It’s also beneficial for clients and visitors. It should be done before germs spread and mold builds.

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How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

Several factors go into cleaning offices. The first involves creating a good schedule for the cleaning. Then, the number of people who work inside and visit the office should be factored in. The size of the office is also necessary to know. Some offices will need more cleaning than others, depending on the businesses and people involved. Deeper cleaning is often necessary for a healthier indoor environment. This answers how often an office should be cleaned.

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