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We’re the best maids in Bellingham… just ask our many happy clients. You work hard, and you deserve a clean home. Why hire us? We’re locals to the Bellingham, Washington area. We drive down I-5 and watch the mist roll over the mountains. We admire Mt. Baker on the clear days and grew up in the winter gray here in our beloved Pacific Northwest. ​Basically, we’re your neighbors… neighbors we treat with the utmost respect & appreciation. 

We’re a small, local, family-owned business run and operated by longtime residents of Whatcom County. We love it here, same as you, and we pour ourselves into our business. That’s why we’re the most trustworthy, honest, and dependable house cleaners in Bellingham.

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We here at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning have years and years of experience, and as we grow, we slowly but surely add new maids to our team bit by bit over time to make sure that our customers are always taken care of. You’re number one in our books, after all! It’s always our goal to make sure you’re happy and feel safe inviting us over to clean your home, time and time again. That’s why we have so many return clients!

In fact, we get a good chunk of our business from referrals and repeat customers. So if you ever want to recommend us to someone you know, please let us in on it so we can give you a special thank you present. It’s our treat, and our way of saying thanks.

We can’t wait for the chance to earn your business and your trust. It’s our job to deliver you not only a sparkling clean house, but also the best service in Bellingham, WA. 

When it comes to your schedule, we can be incredibly accomodating. With our small but reliable team, we have a much better chance of finding a time that works for your calendar when it comes to the times we clean your house. Need a weekend time? Let’s see what we can do! Want evenings? Sure, let’s see who’s available? Want 2am on Tuesdays? Well… we may have to compromise there, sorry. 

Our prices vary entirely by the project, since it all comes down to what you need. After all, every project is as unique as you are! We don’t want to give you some wonky estimate over the internet that isn’t accurate, after all! Give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll give you a 100% free quote so you know exactly what your unique project will require.

Whatever your project, we can guarantee we will go above and beyond every step of the way. We talked a bit on our services page about our unique blend of house cleaning techniques, but just wait until you see what we can do to your home. It’ll be night and day, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.

Our staff is both well-trained and paid very well, and we take pride in making sure our housekeepers are happy. After all, a happy staff means better performance, and better performance means your home will sparkle from top to bottom! It takes a special kind of care and compassion to keep folks working for you for years, and we’ve figured out the secret sauce. Luckily, you’ll reap the benefits just as much as us… especially when you walk in, your mouth drops open, and all you can do is say “Wow!” and smile at your clean house!

When you hire us to clean your home, you’ll notice an experience unlike any other: a dedication to detail, exemplary service, and a can-do attitude that can’t be beat.

We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Call us today for a free quote from a qualified, trustworthy team of highly-trained professionals. We take our roles as your house cleaners seriously, and our compassion, dedication, and honesty will be unmatched every step of the way. Talk to you soon! 

A Snapshot of Your Local Ferndale Maid Service

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Clean and healthy environment: This is one point that is common for both residential and commercial cleaning / office cleaning services. In commercial establishments especially, it is important to understand that clean and healthy environment inspires workers to perform their best. It also helps everyone in the office to stay fit and healthy thus minimizing health causalities and illness leave (ever open the break room fridge, only to gag at the smell? We’ll never let that happen again!). In a domestic home, a clean environment will help your family to live a happy and healthy life. It stops you from being grumpy and grossed-out, since we’ll remove the foul smells.

Saves time: Maids and janitors like us help you to save time on your cleaning and related works. In residential cleaning services, we’re smiling and professional helping hands, especially when the members of the family are employed and the dishes pile up. In families with infants, our services help you stay calm while working out, taking care of your child, and balancing the million other things you have to do. Let us handle the dirty work!

Promoting a professional image: This is one thing that is very important for commercial establishments. It is important for the company to keep their assets clean, avoid foul smells to keep morale high, and ensure everything is in its rightful place. (Ever had to go on a scavenger hunt to find a stapler? No fun.)

Think about all the time you spend cleaning your house. Don’t you deserve to spend that on something you actually enjoy? It would be so nice to simply hire us, your local Bellingham maid service, to do the dirty work for you. You will have much more free time to spend with your family (and maybe even some of that alone time you keep hearing about). This is especially necessary if you work full time and do not want to come home and clean the house all night.

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