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Carpets are expensive! Thus, carpet cleaning becomes an integral aspect to maintain its value in the long run. This is neither to over-exaggerate this subject nor an understatement. I just have the guts to tell the truth that no other stores or sellers would do otherwise. While it is true that buying carpets can put a dent on your wallet, the value it adds to your place (home or office) makes its price justifiable.

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Buying Carpets of High Caliber

Your budget will determine the quality of the rug or carpeting you can use to improve the aesthetic appeal of your place. Here is a list of things to be reminded of. 

Number 1. Style of Rugs

There are literally innumerable styles to pick. Each style is meticulously and beautifully designed to fit specific room/rooms in the house. Regardless if you have contemporary or conventional rooms or perhaps, a room filled with antiques, it can certainly benefit from the addition of a wonderfully crafted carpet.

Number 2. Color

One factor most homeowners and companies consider when buying new carpet is its color and the colors in and around the place it’ll be installed. In fact, colors have a direct impact on the room’s atmosphere and ambiance. Here’s an example: Light colored carpets make the room feel more spacious while dark colored rugs create a more intimate place.

Number 3. Appearance Aesthetics, colors and appearance – all this contributes to how the carpet will appeal to watchful eyes. To be honest, the number of combinations are endless. You can choose from patterns, designs, shapes and colors to suit that specific requirement demanded. Whether the carpet has to make a statement or blend naturally in the room, you can find the perfect fit for your space at your local carpet or furniture store.

Number 4. Durability

No matter how intricate or expensive your carpet is, it won’t matter for long if it fails the test of time. Meaning to say, you shouldn’t just focus on the appearance of the carpet but it should also be able to endure day to
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day abuse of being stepped and walked over. A brief reminder from professional carpet cleaners at Bellingham Washington is to always look for carpets that can resist mildew, soiling and can retard stains. These three play a critical role in upholding the worth and beauty of carpets in your home or office.

Number 5. Cost 

We are all guilty of it. The majority of us look at the price of carpet and make it the sole basis on whether to buy it or not. As a matter of fact, the way rugs are priced fall to three different things and these are:

  • The height of the carpet
  • The loop of the cut
  • The required method of installation.But mind you, top-grade carpets deliver improved energy benefits which furnish insulation properties that then make the room feel cozier and warmer.

Think Your Job is Done?

Given that you follow all these small points when buying a carpet, you will never regret your decision in the years to come. But don’t celebrate too early folks. Your journey is far from over. Owning a carpet isn’t just about finding quality rug on a great deal. There is more than what meets the eye. If you’d notice, there is increasing number of carpet cleaning companies that are popping up all over the Pacific Northwest.
These companies are going to be your key for making sure that your carpet lasts for a long time. You may be wondering what Bellingham Housecleaning does to help you protect your investment in your carpets. We’ve been in the industry for some time and slowly but surely, we added new reputable and trusted cleaners in our arsenal. We have modernized the carpet cleaning equipment and techniques we use in our service. From machine cleaning equipment sought by the industry to various cleaning techniques that are highly demanded, we have it all. This is to ensure that every client feels satisfied from our service.

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Who Can Use Carpets?

Like any other smart shopper around, it’s great to have options and widen your horizon when it comes to selecting a service provider. But before we dive into that, let’s figure out who can benefit from carpets and how they can take advantage of it. 

Truth be told, carpets benefit those in the residential and commercial sectors. We at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning have seen how carpets instantaneously change the appeal of the space they’re added to. Don’t believe it? Just read on.

  • Insulation – not many are aware of this but carpets do help in saving energy too. It’s a significant contributor to the environment indoors. Carpets insulate flooring as it provides a sense of warmth to anyone near it.​

  • Style – with literally hundreds or even thousands of cuts, colors and patterns available, the possibilities of fulfilling your style statement is always at arm’s length

  • Easy to maintain – maintaining and cleaning carpets are less labor intensive in comparison to hard surface floors. In fact, if you don’t feel like cleaning them, there are professionals such as the carpet cleaners in Ferndale WA you can hire. They will be cleaning the carpets on your behalf and ensure that it is restored to its former glory.
  • Acoustics – multiple studies discovered that carpets are absorbing sounds and padded carpets further improves this ability. Thus, providing a more sound-controlled atmosphere to your home or business.

  • Health – carpets trap dust, allergens and several other contaminants. While it has the capacity to do so, you need to do your part in ensuring that you perform recurring cleaning services to it. This is to make sure that your rugs are always clean and won’t be the cause of health hazards in the future.
  • Appearance – carpeting adds to the decoration using pile heights, patterns and color. Believe it or not, carpeting creates an image that you want to achieve in your home or something that you want your business to represent. 
  • Safety – slip and fall accidents are inevitable but with carpets, the probability of this happening inside your premises is minimized.
​​With all these things said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are an increasing number of homeowners and businesses that are investing in carpets.

What About Carpet Cleaning for Apartment Renters In Whatcom County WA?

Not many people realize this, but there are handful of things that ought to be done when you have rugs or carpeting in a place you are renting. If you are living in an apartment for instance, you have likely paid a deposit, which you will want to get back when you move out. Part of making sure your deposit is returned, means keeping the apartment in good condition. If you’ve lived in your apartment for a short time, you may want to hire cleaners to come before you move out. 

The small expense you spend on the cleaners will mean your full deposit is returned and you’ll have more money in your pocket at the end of the day.
If you’re living in your apartment for a longer period of time, you may want to have carpet cleaning done annually. However, if you are decided to take on this task yourself, see to it that you have enough time to complete the task. To be honest, cleaning carpets on your own will require valuable time and energy.

Now, we are all aware of the fact that not everyone is free and has the spare time to do so. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your carpets filling up with grime and dirt and causing problems towards everyone else while taking a chunk of money out of your deposit. There are professional carpet cleaners that you can hire to get this thing done on your behalf. In case you live in Birch Bay, you’re in luck as we are currently operating in Birch Bay WA as well.

Working with professional cleaners are just the best decision you can ever make in preserving the quality of your carpet. For one, they are up-to-date with the latest cleaning techniques and two, they are complete with the gear and equipment to ensure that the job delivered ends in high satisfaction of their clients.

Cleaning Methods Used Bellingham's Best House Cleaning & Many Other Local Carpet Cleaners

We at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning have taken a permanent residence in this industry and many different service areas by ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the range of our cleaning service and at the same time, the fairness and transparency in our quotation for condo cleaning, house cleaning, apartment cleaning cost and to name a few. In fact, cleaning carpets is one of our specialties. Our customers have various options to fit their meticulous requirements.

​Number 1. Hot Water Extraction 

This is otherwise referred by experts as steam carpet cleaning. It uses hot water that is pressurized to agitate carpet fibers which then dissolve all the dirt that has accumulated in the rug. More often than not, it requires a cleaning agent to be applied directly on the soiled surface. Carpet is then agitated with a brush that’s followed by thorough rinsing.

As soon as the cleaning agent has settled in the carpet fiber, it’ll be washed by a specialized cleaning equipment to make sure that there will be no residue of the cleaning agent. The process ends by letting the carpet dry in a room or in an air conditioned temperature.

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For offices and several commercial buildings, averaging 3,000 square feet carpeted floors can take roughly 2 hours to clean plus an additional of 4 hours to dry them up. The majority of cleaning companies advise clients to get started with cleaning later in the afternoon. This is to give enough time for the carpet to have a place to dry over night and not to disturb with the usual operations of the office.
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Number 2. Encapsulation 

​Foam encapsulation is using synthetic detergents as base. These detergents will then crystallize into powder when it dries. The loosened dirt and dust particles were once in the carpet fiber is now encapsulated into powder when the cleaning foam applied has dried out. When the foam dries, the carpet will be either vacuumed or brushed.

This particular technique casted a shadow against carpet shampooing. The former is using less water throughout the cleaning leading to shorter drying time than shampooing. Plus, shampooing frequently leaves dirt residue. It’s the same reason why we at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning and several other trusted and reputable cleaning companies suggest this method first.

​Furthermore, advocates of eco-friendly products have given their approval in using foam encapsulation cleaning as there’s less chemical residues left behind once the cleaning is done.
*Disclaimer: Despite the fact that encapsulation carpet cleaning has shown time-tested results, this hasn’t been able to clean heavily soiled carpets due to the limitations in technology used.

​Number 3. Bonnet Cleaning 

This form of cleaning method produces spotless surface since the procedure primarily involves cleaning the top layer of carpet fiber. Carpet cleaners do this by using heavy-duty motorized machine. This machine has a spinning pad that’s been immersed with specialized cleaning solution to magnetize dirt and dust that has accumulated from the carpet’s surface. For any businesses or offices, bonneting is strongly recommended. This technique can be considered as one of the fastest cleaning method. It’s because it cleans the rug without creating much moisture and dries quickly preventing any inconveniences among hotel guests or disturbing operations in office spaces. Without a doubt, it’s a fast solution to delivering clean carpet in heavy foot traffic areas that calls for clean carpets.

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"Fast, Efficient and Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Method." Bellingham's Best House Cleaning

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"Eliminate Waiting Time in Having Your Carpets Cleaned. Use Dry Carpet Cleaning." Bellingham's Best House Cleaning

Number 4. Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning or as what other call in the industry as compound cleaning is among the latest innovations introduced. Aside from that, it is fast to catch up with other mainstream cleaning methods due to its effectiveness and efficiency. Well not to mention, it’s extremely convenient as it doesn’t require drying time, hence the name.

Since this technology was discovered in the 80’s, there are extensive varieties of cleaning powders and compounds that have been produced and marketed. Since this cleaning technique is deemed to be at its early age in comparison to traditional methods that have been known for a while and established public trust for decades, many are still doubtful of its cleaning performance.

If you are among the many people who feel skeptical about this method, read on to find out why more and more carpet cleaners are incorporating this into their services.

  • First, a cleaning powder or compound is applied in the bottom layer of the carpet
  • A motorized counter rotating brush machine is used to push and spread the cleaning agent used across the carpet
  • Carpet cleaners let the cleaning compound or powder to sit there for a while
  • Once it settled, they will begin with the task to achieve deep cleaning result

The beauty about this method is that the cleaning agent used is mostly produced from biodegradable materials. This act as micro-sponges that absorbs the dissolves dirt and dust in your carpet. Depending on the service provider you’re talking to, they will be using a different cleaning equipment manufacturer. This is something you have to clarify before entering an agreement particularly if you prefer a certain manufacturer or brand.

One thing you should know when it comes to maintaining the quality and beauty of your carpet is that, it’s not a one-time cleaning. Simply put, you will be needing the cleaner’s service time and time again. Therefore, Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning suggests that you pick one that you feel most comfortable with.

Affordable, Quality Carpet Cleaning Services

We already know that carpet cleaning is a recurring cleaning service/task that needs to be done. But let’s not forget the notion that there are basic DIY tips to be performed in preserving the beauty of carpets. YES! You read it right. Our friends at Ferndale WA generously offered valuable tips that homeowners can try to keep their carpet spotless clean.

​​Tip number 1. Use doormats – the humble and what seem to be useless doormats do great wonders in reducing the volume of dirt and sand tracked into your house. Investing small amount of money in such help a lot in extending the life of your rugs and keep it cleaner for longer at the same time.

"Doormats Reduce Dirt and Dust Trapped in Carpets." Bellingham's Best House Cleaning

Tip number 2. Vacuum daily – vacuuming the carpet on a day to day basis helps considerably in picking up debris and dirt before they sink deep into the carpet’s layers. Well of course, less dirt, the longer the life of your carpet becomes. On the other hand, if you have issues in vacuuming the carpet on regular intervals, consider getting an affordable robotic vacuum to get the job done for you.

"Make Technology Work for You. Use Robots to do Carpet Cleaning." Bellingham's Best House Cleaning

​Tip number 3. Clean spills and spots ASAP – if you or someone has by accident spilled something on your carpet, make it a point to clean it right there and then. Not just that this significantly reduces the absorption rate of the carpet’s fibers but also, it reduces bacteria buildup and several other issues that are associated with the spill.

"Wipe Down Spills Right Off the Bat to Avoid Carpet Stains." Bellingham's Best House Cleaning

Tip number 4. Avoid the hype – frankly speaking, there are hundreds of products today claiming to remove spills, odors and stains in the carpet. But all they do in reality is masking or driving them deeper. Thus, the stains reappear sooner or later which make the problem worse. Don’t spend your money buying inferior products when if you add a bit more to it, you can enjoy professionally cleaned carpets using high-quality cleaning products. 

For this reason, carpet cleaners at Bellingham never encourage people to jump into the bandwagon on which cleaning products are currently enjoying the spotlight. Be meticulous and vigilant. These are the two things that’ll keep you satisfied and away from disappointment.

"Be Cautious of theFad. Not All are Carpet Cleaning Products are Effective." Bellingham's Best House Cleaning

​​Tip number 5. Deodorize – even though your carpet looks clean from the outside, don’t be too confident as it can still harbor bacteria that isn’t just harmful but also, can release unpleasant odors enough to spoil the lovely ambience of your home. When talking to carpet cleaning professionals, ask them something about enzymatic cleaning products. These are the products that have the capacity to truly eliminate dirt and odors and not just mask it to feign a clean and fresh looking carpet.

"Deodorize. A Simple Carpet Cleaning Technique to be Done at home." Bellingham's Best House Cleaning

​Tip number 6. Groom your carpet – carpets especially the ones that are placed in areas that receive high foot traffic tend to be impacted by the day to day abuse it receives. Like it or not, this causes the carpet to lose its elegance and value over time. So to prevent this from happening, it’ll be a great idea to have it raked and groomed especially after doing a deep clean. For sure, you’ll be surprised to see how nice the carpet looks like after it’s been cleaned and groomed by professionals.

"Grooming isn't only for Yourself or Pet. Carpets Deserve it as well." Bellingham's Best House Cleaning

​​Tip number 7. Learn about deep extraction – doing deep cleaning is vital in removing dirt, pollen, dust and other pollutants that have settled in your carpet. But don’t be part of the problem by using harmful chemicals. Rather, look for professional cleaners and ask for a deep clean cost quote. Practice your negotiation skills and see where it lands you.

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To wrap this all up, carpet cleaning cost doesn’t come cheap and that’s something you have to bear after owning a carpet. But the beauty of working with the pros such as us at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning is we make sure that you are happy with our service and not like you’ve been robbed of your hard-earned dollars for an inferior service. We’ve said this time and time again, we wouldn’t make any move or action that will stain the reputation we have built hard for a long time in this industry. 

If you’d like to know more about our services and rates, give us a call and ask anything you want about carpet cleaning.