Cleaning Services Blaine WA

Cleaning Services Blaine WA

Looking for the perfect Blaine cleaning service? Look no further. Hiring maid services can be an extremely challenging task in Blaine nowadays. Maid services are important as such services make your household work a lot easier. Maids like us here at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning provide you, our employer, with the much needed household relief by keeping your home neatly clean and properly arranged. 

Hiring a new maid might appear to be a decadent service for a lot of families, however, the question really is can you afford NOT to? Hiring a maid service for your home is a cost-saving, measure in the long run. What’s more, hiring a maid is the ultimate gift for anyone. Consider these seven reasons to hire a maid for yourself:

1. Minimize Stress 

Cleanup is a bore, and what’s more, it causes stress. Especially within a home that has two or more people, it can be tough to agree on who does what… and what “clean” really means. Why spend your time picking up after someone else? You have better things to do. That’s why the best idea is to find a cleaning lady in Blaine, WA to do it all for you. After all, isn’t it better to just hire and maid and kick up your feet?


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2. Create Spare time

A full-time career leaves little or no time for things you actually enjoy doing. The weekends are meant to help you unwind, not burden you down with chores and to-do’s. Hiring a local Blaine maid service like us to help you out means you’ll be able to enjoy your limited time with your family, instead of scrubbing your shower and loading the dishwasher for the third time today.

3. Deep clean your house

Nothing can be worse than getting ready to have company over for a party, only to realize you simply can’t remember the last time anyone cleaned your baseboards. Or stoking the fireplace, only to find a great big heap of soot that stains everything. Our maids are the best in the business, trained to get that dust and grime and remove it in your home. Hiring us to take care of your home in Blaine is the simplest way to get a new deep clean… on your schedule, and no one else’s.

4.Buy local 

We’re your neighbors. When you hire Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning, you’re hiring a Whatcom County local business owner and fueling the local economy. That means we can create more jobs in the Blaine area, which fuels our community and keeps it strong. Hiring us as the cleaning ladies to take care of your Blaine home is the best way to support our community businesses while still getting a valuable service (and an incredible bargain!).

5. Lower your expenses

Your time is important, and wasting three hours each week to clean your home from top to bottom isn’t just a drain on your personal time, but also your budget. You could spend that time elsewhere, creating new projects that better benefit the community and your company. Or, if you’re too exhausted from trying to do it all and be everything to everyone, you actually perform worse at work. Why not cut out all that hassle and hire us?

6. Depend upon an Pro

We at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning are housekeeping authorities. That means you get the expertise of a pro at an affordable price. From the high-quality soaps and cleaning solutions we use to the vacuums and equipment we bring with us, we always know the simplest way to cut through the grime and make your house sparkle. Stains? No problem — we’ll handle it. Strange smells in a certain room? Consider it cleaned. We make sure your home is cleaned proficiently and continues looking brand-new for a considerably long time.

7. Accommodating Schedules

Using a local Blaine maid service isn’t like subscribing to a gym. There’s not set schedules with us! You make the rules. Need us to come by on weekends? Done. Evenings? Absolutely fine. We’ll work around you to the best of our ability! If your own home only requires a deep clean every month, book us for that. There’s no pressure, and no hassle.

For the vacations this calendar year, cut the load of regular cleaning along with bickering around whose job it is to clean the dishes by making use of the services of our home cleanup company. Hiring us is the best way to treat yourself in the holidays and anytime, which means you’ll get a clean home and much more time with your family.

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The Perfect Housekeepers For Your Blaine, WA Home

There are all types of maid services that are available for our clients. The simplest option? Have us come by once to do a basic housecleaning, or you can hire us to bring our whole cleaning team into the house and do a deep clean. These are very effective as we have people that specialize in different areas of the home. Here are some of the services that we always include in our housekeeping: 

Vacuuming – while this is a staple of any housekeeper, not everyone does it right. We do! That means we don’t just so a pass over the obvious areas, but we actually move your furniture and get the area underneath vacuumed as well. The furniture will also be vacuumed to avoid a dust build up in the fabric. 

Windows – sometimes, this is not part of the service, especially outside windows. You’ll need to specify if you’d like your windows to be cleaned as well. Talk to us beforehand and makes sure that this is covered if it’s important to you.

General Cleaning – this includes things such as dusting, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. However, there are things that you may want to bring up if they’re important to you so that we can make sure they are included. For instance, the fridge and oven are areas are important to us, but we need to make sure you want us to spend our time cleaning these before we dive in, as they’re usually highly time consuming and not necessary to clean every time we come to visit. 

Pets – if you have pets, make sure that this is divulged before we arrive. Now, we love pets! We have no problem cleaning even if there are pets in the home. However, pets in the house will usually require cleaning that is a little more detailed because of the pet hair that seems to get everywhere. You may also wish for us to use specific deodorizers and allergy fabric sprays that will have to be applied at every visit. 

Life can definitely be made easier by using a maid service like ours for your cleaning and everyday chores. Instead of having to come home and roll up your sleeves, you will only have to pop dinner in the oven and put your feet up while we do the rest.