Cleaning Services Bellingham WA

Cleaning Services Bellingham WA

Tired of Cleaning? Hire us, your local Bellingham Maids.

Because of schedules being so hectic these days, it is not uncommon for a household to enlist maid service to try and keep the household in shape. The last thing anyone wants to do when they get home is roll up their sleeves and start to clean. The prospect of paying a small fee to walk into a clean home after a busy day is extremely tempting, don’t you think?

Bellingham maid services will vary depending upon the exact type of business that is contracted, but we can guarantee you’ll be 100% happy with us. Our team is professional, prompt, and quick… not to mention surprisingly affordable! Here is a quick rundown of some of the duties us here at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning… your choice for maids in the Bellingham area. 

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Windows – all windows (including the windows on doors) should be cleaned. We’ll tackle this for you! This is a common request we get from folks (but make sure you ask us to tackle this if this is important to you). However, outside cleaning services aren’t standard, though we’re happy to accommodate you if you ask.

Vacuuming – this is obviously a very large part of the service, and we’ll be doing a lot of it. And of course, it’ll entail far more than the casual pass of the carpets that are visible. Because we take our jobs seriously, furniture will be moved and every area of the home will be covered. This of course will also include a thorough vacuuming of all the furniture.

Pets – have a pet? Wonderful! We’re happy to clean up while Fido (or Mittens) is at home. Just let us know ahead of time so we can be prepared. And never fear — we’ll take it from here. For instance, if there is a cat in the home, we’re happy to change the litter box. We also make sure that we’re vacuuming the furniture and applying deodorizers to the floors and furniture to alleviate the “pet smell” that can creep into any pet-lover’s household. 

General Cleaning – this includes the bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom and all living spaces. Each and every area will be cleaned thoroughly. That means we’ll lift objects and dust underneath, fluff pillows, change linens… you name it. All trash cans will be emptied and floors will be swept and mopped. The kitchen can be a tricky area, but we’ll be sure to include duties such as the cleaning the fridge, as well as the inside and outside of the oven. Bellingham maid services such as ours include these in our regular packages. 

When you’re looking for a trustworthy Bellingham maid service, it can be hard to pick who to go with. We know and understand completely. That’s why we always strive to show you (not just tell you, but prove it to you firsthand) that we exist to make your life easier. That means you always get your money’s worth for everything we do. While it may cost a little bit to hire a full maid service, we guarantee you will find us well worth every penny. After all, don’t you deserve to enjoy your down time? Why spend it scrubbing and vacuuming?

Cleaning Services are equally important for both residential and commercial applications. That’s why we here at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning strive to offer as many services as we can, always ensuring that our clients (you!) get the best performance, results, and experience possible. Bellingham maid services like ours offer different types of maid services to domestic and commercial holdings, but the end result from our company is always the same: stellar service, every time.

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Local Housekeeping Services In Bellingham WA

Clean and healthy environment: This is one point that is common for both residential and commercial cleaning / office cleaning services. In commercial establishments especially, it is important to understand that clean and healthy environment inspires workers to perform their best. It also helps everyone in the office to stay fit and healthy thus minimizing health causalities and illness leave (ever open the break room fridge, only to gag at the smell? We’ll never let that happen again!). In a domestic home, a clean environment will help your family to live a happy and healthy life. It stops you from being grumpy and grossed-out, since we’ll remove the foul smells.

Saves time: Maids and janitors like us help you to save time on your cleaning and related works. In residential cleaning services, we’re smiling and professional helping hands, especially when the members of the family are employed and the dishes pile up. In families with infants, our services help you stay calm while working out, taking care of your child, and balancing the million other things you have to do. Let us handle the dirty work!

Promoting a professional image: This is one thing that is very important for commercial establishments. It is important for the company to keep their assets clean, avoid foul smells to keep morale high, and ensure everything is in its rightful place. (Ever had to go on a scavenger hunt to find a stapler? No fun.)

Think about all the time you spend cleaning your house. Don’t you deserve to spend that on something you actually enjoy? It would be so nice to simply hire us, your local Bellingham maid service, to do the dirty work for you. You will have much more free time to spend with your family (and maybe even some of that alone time you keep hearing about). This is especially necessary if you work full time and do not want to come home and clean the house all night.

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